About Dana



DANA KARPAIN was born and raised in Redondo Beach CA. He graduated from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in Fine Art. Dana has traveled extensively around the world, visiting six continents and over twenty-seven countries. He has explored many sacred sites and worked with many indigenous healers.

Dana has served as the Art Director for the “Center for the Peaceful Self” in Ojai, CA, as well as at Yogaville, a Yoga Retreat and Conference Center in Virginia, where he garnered the PIVA (Printing Industries of Virginia) award. Dana incorporates his extensive yoga practices, computer graphic skills and his layout and design background into his Fine Art. His distinctive art work and subject matter is also strongly influenced, in addition to having lived at a yoga ashram, by his world travel to six continents and over twenty-seven countries. He presently lives in Ojai, CA and has won numerous awards for his Fine Art. Dana’s most recent shows have been at the Center for the Peaceful Self in Ojai; the world headquarters of the Synopsis Corporation in Silicon Valley; the Soho Restaurant and Music Club in Santa Barbara; The Carpinteria Art Center; Central Coast Art Gallery, Santa Cruz; and Crown Plaza Art Gallery, Ventura CA.

Commission work gratefully considered. (Please contact Dana)


Videos about Dana’s Art


Things people are saying about Dana Karpain’s artwork:

“Your work is beautiful.”
—Andrew Pham, Senior Graphic Designer, Concord Music Group, Beverly Hills, CA

“Dana Karpain is a talented, professional and dedicated artist with extraordinary vision.”
—Shirley Polovy, Art Gallery Business Consultant, Carmel, CA

“I feel Dana Karpain’s art work is simple, elegant and peaceful…I love it!”
—Vaylen Anderson, Big Bear, CA

“Life’s a beach. Artist Dana Karpain’s tropical-themed paintings are packed with sunshine and will give you a summery feeling all over.”
—Santa Barbara Independent, Santa Barbara, CA


For more Fine Art by Dana Karpain please click on: PaintedPrayers4u.com
All Rights Reserved. © Copyright 2016, Dana Karpain

Tropical Abstract Design #12

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